Saturday, 28 May 2016


So I attended Comicon this bank holiday weekend! It has been an event that I have thought about going to in the past but never quite got round to it. I also wasn't too sure whether I was the right level of nerd to enjoy it. I did enjoy it though. so. awkward.

As you can imagine I saw some wild and wacky displays, a lot of cosplay action (of course) and I even got to play a couple of games so if you would like to see my snaps of all of the above then read on! 

Hell yes. Star Wars action. Gotta love Rey!

I met an amazing deviant art artist called Destiny Blue who was an absolute doll! What I love about her art is that all of her pieces have a quote to accompany them conveying a deeper meaning. 

This is the piece of art that I bought from Destiny Blue entitled Imprint.
"Some people leave marks on us. Even if we can't see them, we feel them."

I'm not entirely sure what this is and what connection it has to CeX but it caught my eye, so I took a snap!

So me and my brother played a game on the PS4 game stations that were available. The game was a japanese one called Gal*Gun where you play as a character called Tenzou, a guy who has been hit with too many of cupids arrows! The aim of the game is to shoot all of the girls that approach you with pheromone shots to keep them at bay making them fall to the floor in dizzy ecstasy. It is HILARIOUS.

I was standing next to this big inflatable thing watching a new movie trailer and I noticed a face peering out through the little transparent hole. I didn't realise that there was a man inside! Good thing I resisted the urge to poke it in the bum. That would have been mad awks..

There were a couple of virtual reality sets at the exhibition as well. We didn't realise that you had to book this one in advance but to be honest I don't know if I was brave enough for this anyway. By the looks of it you had to hold on to the rails of what I'm guessing would have been a demonic humans bed? Nope. Not me. No thanks! I'm pretty sure I would have peed myself.. We did slip into another one called 'Fear of the walking dead' which wasn't too scary!

As we were perusing the various stalls we came across some mouse mats with some added *coughs* assets. I mean. When you are working on a computer for hours on end I suppose you do want to rest your wrist on something?

Not quite sure what this is but I saw a couple and had to take a snap! It literally looks like a ball of dreams doesn't it?

This stall I found absolutely stunning. Authentic japanese styled clothing and lamps in an array of beautiful colours. 

Again, I don't know what this is but it was HUGE!

Erm? Yeah. Nice pose!

So Harley Quinn had to be one of the most popular costume choices of the day. Like seriously there were 5 Harley Quinns within every 10 step radius! Not everyone executed the look that fantastically though, I mean if you are going to dress up you might as well commit and go the whole hog right? Here is someone that nailed the look and so the Harley Quinn Cosplay award goes to... this random chick! Woooo! *throws confetti*

Lots of beanie babies! Because who doesn't love lots of beanie babies?!

All in all Comicon was a great experience and I would definitely attend again. Until next time!

Love Demitria xo

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