Sunday, 10 April 2016


Hi guys and dolls! This year so far I have had the privilege of using loads of amazing products, some given as christmas presents, gifts from my birthday just gone and bits that I have picked up for myself as a little treat. Here I am going to share my thoughts on 3 of my top picks from that collection, so if you would like to know about the products that give me a heart eyes emoji face then read on!

Bliss triple oxygen ex-‘glow’-sion

I love bliss and their products. Not only do I think they are amazing but I am a sucker for a good product name. I mean ex-‘glow’-sion? Genius.

When it comes to a night time or day time routine, this is a dream cream. The formula has vitamin E, C and three forms of oxygen which essentially means that it has been specifically formulated to support cell respiration and reinforce collagen synthesis. With all the science spiel aside, it makes your skin feel incredibly soft and clear and that’s why I love it!

NYX Slide on lip pencil

I love a matte lip colour, it just sets any look off right, you really can’t go wrong with it. I struggled for a while to find matte lipsticks in the shades that suited me until my best friend bought me this lip liner.

It is such a strong colour choice in that it is a deep berry shade which screams sophistication when going out for a meal and adds a touch of high fashion to a basic everyday jeans and top outfit combo. I use it as an all over lip colour and it works very well. I highly recommend.

Bon Bon by Viktor & Rolf 

If you are someone that walks into a sweet shop and gets heart flutters as the scent of strawberry laces and sherbet surrounds you then this one is for you.

Bon bon was one of a few gifts that my fabulous cousin got for me for christmas and has already become one of my staple ‘must have’ scents. I love to wear sweet scents so this is perfect for me. It has lushious sweet caramel notes with a gorgeous fruity undertone. Go into your nearest perfume shop and smell it. It will change your life.

I hope you enjoyed reading my top 3 beauty picks of the year so far! I would love to hear from you if you have used the same products or similar ones or if you have any questions.

Love Demitria x

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