Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Hi guys! As time goes on you will get to know that I am a massive FOODIE, like seriously, I love to eat. Chinese, Italian, Caribbean, Thai, Japanese, American, I love it all and it’s all so good.

When my beautiful cousin suggested that we go to a Street Feast Event I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my Saturday night. If you have heard about the Street Feast string of events you will know that there are a few dotted around London and they are on for a limited time only.

We decided to go to Hawker House, the ‘indoor night market’ in Canada Water. (In perfect timing, we were greeted with rain as soon as we stepped out of the station but two inside-out umbrellas later we made it!)

We got there just before 7pm so there was no admission fee and after getting an awkward club-type wrist stamp we were in.  My eyes lit up with joy as I looked around and saw all the different food stalls. Food, fairy-lights and family my favourite things all in one place!

I definitely had to go to Prawnography first. All foodies know that you always check the menu before you go out to eat (just because the excitement is so much that you want to eat everything in your head first!) ‘Prawnography’ did exactly what it said on the tin. It offered delicious little seafood snacks in generous portions that certainly titillated my tastebuds. I had the crab meat fries – game changer.

Milk & Honey Mercury lounge was next on our list, as going out to eat and not having a cheeky cocktail is a crime. Obvs. Our cocktails were served in hand-cut ice and frosted glassware and let me take this opportunity to also say that all three barmen were HOT. Just saying.

Following this, I went on to Born and Raised where I had the cutest little pepperoni pizza and then headed over to Hangar Bar for a quick cocktail pit stop. We both had ‘Swizzles’ which is a tasty beverage similar to a mojito.  

Lastly and to top it all off I had a deliciously perfect ‘Sticky Toffee Warmie Sundae’ from Chin Chin Labs. I know a mouthful right? It was ice-cream, melted marzipan-like toffee and nutty sprinkles and. It. Was. DIVINE.

So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed my food journey. If you want to check out your closest Street Feast event while they are still on then you can do so here.

Love Demitria x

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